Zoom Slit Lamp RS-1000 Digital Photo Set


Righton Zoom Slit Lamp series with outstanding optics quality and finest digital image is best suit for diagnosis.

Traditional fine Zoom Optics
Inherited from the finest zoom optics system, combining with strobe flash and 12.3MP high resolution raw digital photo, the outstanding performance make RS-1000 the best selection for ophthalmic use.
Photo and Movie
By adopting Nikon D series DSLR, RS-1000 is support for both photo and video capture. (Digital movie adapter sold separately)
One click auto view and save
By pressing the joystick button, photo will show within 5 second and save automatically. The whole process can be done without adjusting the camera or PC.
Optimized flash according to observe area
Choose the designated eye area and the program power box will output the optimized exposure, or manually select the exposure (10 steps available).
Barrier filter
Choose from attachment or cap type yellow filter.
NS File
Organize the photo or video by using NS File.