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EIM is the exclusive distributor in France of the new grinder VISSLO.
Grinder new warranty 2 Years.
Beautiful Grinder + Blocker + Plotter.
Grinding all types of glasses, scoring, against bevel, polishing, deformed shapes.
Double play (on the grinder and blocker). Creasing is controlled automatically, widths and depths are adjustable-bevel, rear or both sides.
Polishing on flat and bevels
Deformation in all directions
Glass material: mineral, CR39, high index, Trivex, polycarbonate
Beveled edges over 17 mm diameter-bevel over 19 mm in diameter
Possibility of replacing the manual blocking the Blocker Automatic AB-88 (see picture below) for 1 € 500.00 more for a total of 17 € 400.00 excluding VAT.
Grinder: 800 X 430 X 410 mm, tracer: 258 x 330 x 200 mm, Blocker: 240 X 300 X 210 mm.